New apps for social media have been a fad nowadays. Apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Omegle, etc. has gain a lot of popularity and it is uncommon for android or apple users not to have them. For me, I use only facebook regularly since I use it for communication with my friends, family, and groupmates. Recently, my best friend has been quite addicted to these social media apps. She recently downloaded Tinder on her Iphone 5s and she is having a good time talking to strangers. One good thing about Tinder is that they require some general information to be viewed by people. This lessens the number of posers which is so predominant in Omegle. My friend was really having a good time using it. She even made friends with a nice CSB guy and he even asked her to eat lunch together to meet each other and to share about his business. When my friend told me this, I was shocked for it was too fast but my friend told me it’s okay since he’s from CSB and they’re gonna meet near DLSU.  I, for some reason, thought that there was something fishy going on with this meet up because the guy suddenly asked her out for the reason of explaining to her about his business. To be honest, once my friend told me this I told her that it might just be another networking scheme. My friend told me that it is possible and if it happens she’ll leave immediately.

     The next day came after their meet up and apparently the whole thing was a fail. It was a fail because the guy showed up looking like he just woke up, they ate at Jolibee, the guy was rude, and it was networking. My friend left immediately and she didn’t even stay to know what “his business was”.  I laughed when I heard her story and I just told her that at least it’s an experience to learn something from.

    The story of my friend made me confirmed that it is really challenging to find a decent person on those random chat apps. I also realized these apps could be utilized to deceive people to letting think that you want to make friends but in fact they’ll use you for their own benefit like networking. In the end, I just want to say that we should not easily trust strangers we meet online because it is highly possible that they are posers, perverts, or evil people that might do harm to you and it is better to make friends with the people you personally met.


          It was a tiring day. I just attended the burial of my godmother’s sister. The funeral took place at somewhere in Laguna. The funeral was simple and solemn. Only few attended but all of us offered prayers for her eternal repose. It was my second time to attend a funeral this year. Attending funerals is not really my thing because first, I don’t basically attend unless I know a person. Second, our genes have long life so cases of sudden deaths are not common in our family line. Nevertheless, attending them made me realize several things.

         Attending funerals made me realize how life is precious but short. Life is precious because you get to know people, make experiences, do meaningful things, and have memories to cherish but it is also short because you don’t know when it will be taken away from you. This of course, tells us to make our life meaningful like make every moment count, be good to others, and reconcile with the people you’ve hurt so that when you leave they’ll only remember the good things you’ve done while you were still alive.  It also tells me that we should fulfill our dreams and do the things we want before we die so that we’ll have no regrets in the future for failing to do so. As what the famous saying said, “You only live once but if you do it right, one is enough.”


    As the “ber” months come, it is expected that crime rates will increase due to the anticipated celebrations that will happen on Christmas.  To be honest, having high crime rates are not actually new in our country even if the “ber” months are far away.

    Of all the stories I’ve heard about someone getting robbed, one story caught my attention. I’ve read this from facebook share. The news was about a very young pandesal vendor who got robbed.  The news says that the boy was innocently doing his business of selling pandesal when one man approached him. The man after buying pandesal declared holdup and he instantly pointed a knife to the little boy. Of course, the boy got scared so he gave all of his profit and pandesal to the man.  The boy was left penniless with his empty pandesal bag. The boy was traumatized and all he did was to sit at the curb and cry. This is when come concerned citizens approached him. When asked, the boy said that he got robbed and he was scared of going home because his mom will get angry at him.

    I felt sadness and anger as I read this news. I felt sorry and sad for the boy because he was just helping his mom for their family’s finance and this happens to him. This story also saddens me because the boy got traumatized by this experience. It was said in the succeeding part of the news that when the boy was brought home, he said to his mother that he no longer wants to go outside.  This obviously shows that the boy was traumatized and perhaps got scarred by his holdup experience. Meanwhile, I felt anger because the holduper was heartless for doing such crime especially to a defenseless kid. I hope God will punish him hardly for the thing that he did to the little boy. I also hope that our government will exert more effort in our safety and security so that this case will not happen again. 


       It was already late when dad arrived home. As we ate the food he brought us when he suddenly told us about his almost holdup experience which happened when he was riding a jeep going to Harrison. Dad told me that the road in Harrison was being fixed that’s why holdupers makes use of the traffic opportunity to steal things from people. The story went like this; dad was seated at the back of the seat beside the driver. He was minding his own business when suddenly he noticed that one of the man seated in front of him was trying to get something from the back pocket of the man beside him. My dad didn’t say a thing but he just starred at what the snatcher was doing.  While doing so, he noticed that the guy who was seated at the end of the jeep was making eye contact to the snatcher in front so he got the idea that they are partners in crime. Dad continued to stare at what the man in front was doing as he was anticipating what to do if those two will declare holdup. Fortunately, the snatcher wasn’t able to get anything from the man beside him. My dad even told me a joke that perhaps the man’s pocket was too deep for the snatcher to pick anything. Eventually, the two just left the jeep stealing nothing. When the jeep left, my dad looked at them while the snatchers glared at him from a far. Dad told me, he was lucky and perhaps the two didn’t declare holdup because all of the passengers were senior citizens and they won’t get anything either if they will declare holdup but they’ll just inflict harm and catch attention.

    When my dad told me this, I got scared because he almost got robbed but I felt at ease when he told me that nothing bad happened. I was grateful that dad was safe and he wasn’t able to meet those two hooligans again when he went down.  Dad especially told me to be safe and vigilant with my surrounding because he doesn’t want me to experience it. He also told me that I should always pray because it is the most effective way to avoid harm or evil people. I actually believe this because dad always prays and  it is not the first time for my father to be almost a victim of snatchers and holdupers but in the end, he would always be saved like the robbers didn’t get anything from him or didn’t harm him. However, he told me that if I get holdupped I should give my stuffs because life is irreplaceable but life isn’t.

   This experience is a constant reminder for me and to all people that we should definitely be attentive to our surrounding and to always pray so that we may avoid harms and bad people. 


       It was our third day trip in Singapore when my auntie suddenly asked randomly if we would like to visit Malaysia. I felt pleased when my mother along with our other companions agreed.  We’ve decided to go to Kuala Lumpur to visit the Twin Towers or better known as the Petronas.  Malaysia, as we know, is a country very near Singapore; you could literally cross borders through riding a bus but of course, all must pass the immigration first. Malaysia isn’t really a popular country for me; I thought it was just a developing country like the others. It also didn’t help when the bus terminal that I first arrived in wasn’t as charming as it looked like since it was dirty, old, and the staffs there were so unaccommodating; one of our companions even had a fight with one bus personnel because they gave her seat to someone else even though we paid first. Fortunately, my auntie mediated and both of them calmed down. Actually, people there wasn’t that much friendly or at least they didn’t seem friendly to tourists.  Another barrier besides attitude was language; only few spoke English and they weren’t even that good.

       My perception of Malaysia only changed when I arrived to Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur was beautiful. It had great infrastructures and a lot of malls. As always, people were also greatly diversified from Malaysians, Chinese, Filipinos, Indians, etc.  Basically, we enjoyed our trip in Kuala Lumpur; I learned several lessons and observed many things.  There was one instance that struck me the most. What it struck me the most was the kindness portrayed by one of the bell boys of a hotel who helped us find a ride back to the bus terminal. It struck me the most because he did quite an effort to help us go home even though it doesn’t get him anything in return. He even helped us place our shopping bags at the vehicle and he gave a bright smile while accommodating us unlike the other hotel staffs that even discouraged us by saying we’ll never get home to Singapore since shuttle buses no longer operate that time. It was really good that he approached us right after we spoke to the receptionist. We were really thankful for his kindness because without him we might have not returned to our hotel in Singapore or worst we might end up being lost in Malaysia.

      Basically, this experience made me realize that there are still good people out there who will help strangers who are in need without any return. It also made me realize that we should not easily generalize all people even though we had terrible experiences with some for there are still ones who are kind and helpful.


         It was my first night in Singapore when we ate dinner at the food court of a mall near an Mrt station. We tried Laksa that night and we didn’t regret trying it because it was very delicious. We were done eating our dinner and we were just resting for a while before going back home. When suddenly a woman approached me; she asked if I’m done so she may clean our table. This is perfectly normal in food courts; someone cleans the tables after eating. I didn’t pay attention that much until I saw her face. Apparently, the table cleaner was an old woman who was about in her 70’s. She was very thin and weak. I felt surprised, sad, and irritated of what I saw. I got surprised because even though that woman was very old and weak she still works; perhaps to support her family or herself. Meanwhile, I felt sad and irritated because I felt that the old woman was neglected by her family leaving her to work to support herself even at that age. I, for one, believe that this shouldn’t be because she’s old, weak, and perhaps sick. Instead of her working, she should be at home resting or dedicating her time doing her hobbies. If my parents get old like that I wouldn’t even let them lift a finger doing household chores or I wouldn’t even let them go out of the house without a companion or a good car. It just shocks me that this happens especially in a rich and developed country like Singapore. In the end, I can’t do anything but to pray that the old woman would be safe and hopefully her children will find it in their hearts to support her themselves. 


     I would always remember this kind hearted woman who showed kindness to me whenever I see a mother bringing her kid to school. This particular experience that I will share happened to me when I was still in high school. It was a sunny afternoon, as I could recall, I rode a jeep to go to school. In that jeep with me were 3 persons; a man, and a woman with her kid. I paid my fare shortly upon riding the jeep. I remembered passing exactly 10 pesos to the man in front of me as I said, “bayad po.” The jeep moved and stopped as other passenger come in. The jeep already was at its third stop when I finally asked the driver why he hasn’t still given my change. To my surprise, the driver told me that he already gave it. I said he hasn’t and we argued a little then he said that he specifically handed it to the man who sat in front of me who apparently was not there anymore. For short, I got robbed. The two pesos didn’t actually matter to me but the incident did since it was my first time experience being robbed in public. Obviously, I felt petrified of what just happened and did not know how to respond.  The driver did not especially help as he ignored me after that so I just sat there still shocked while other passengers seem to look at me. Fortunately, a woman comforted me by telling me it’s okay and I’m lucky it was just that and not anything worse. She even gave me a five peso so that I won’t feel bad. I refused at first but she insisted and told me it’s okay and perhaps my allowance for that day was just exact so I should keep it so I did and I thanked her.  

     I felt touched by this since she’s a complete stranger yet she did a good deed to me. I also thought that maybe if she only knew where I studied may be she wouldn’t have given this but nevertheless; it really did cheer me up. This experience taught me that there are still kind hearted people. It also taught me that we should always be vigilant for crimes are everywhere and they do not choose who to victimize.